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The Journey of a Modern Day Viking in the Digital Age

Every Journey Must Have a Beginning

What does it mean to be a modern day Viking in the digital age?

the texas vikingI am sure there are as many answers to that as there are folks like me.  From my perspective alone, as far as what it means to me is this:  I adhere to the old ways as much as possible while not denying myself the benefits of modern technology to a point.  Where I see the world failing today is that we rely too much on technology and apps and others with skills that we fail to learn and have a basic understanding of things that could help us throughout life.

For instance, let’s tackle, “the guy”.  You have heard this before, “hey something broke in your house?  Call the guy!”  Great.  For certain tasks that require a very specialized skillset or licensing to perform legally, that’s fine.  I would never mess with the gas system on my house for fear of blowing the damn thing up, however, if it were the case where I accidentally punched a hole in my wall, I would patch the wall myself by learning how to patch drywall and doing it right.

It’s the same thing with cars.  I can’t tell you how many of my friends have no clue how to do something as changing a tire. Or do a simple tune-up (i.e. plugs, wires, cap and rotor, etc.).  These are basic skills that everyone should know in the event the guy isn’t around and you are pressed for time.

We are reaching a point where automation is making us not only lazy, but dumbing down society to a point where we don’t know how to do anything anymore.  I find this a sad state of being for our future.

My father raised me on a simple principle: learn a trade and you will never go hungry.  I apparently took this to heart because throughout my years on this planet.  I have learned and worked in numerous trades and they have served me very well over the years.  I started out learning auto mechanics.  In that trade I learned not only basic auto mechanics, but learned how to do my own brake jobs.  Working as a muffler mechanic later on taught me pipe bending and welding utilizing not only oxy-acetylene but wire mig welding.

Later on, I learned many other skills including carpentry and woodworking (yes there’s a difference).  Carpentry taught me the aspects of building a house (including framing, electrical and so on) as well as use of power tools that make life a lot easier.

Moving on I ended up learning culinary arts and worked in various restaurants, I learned bartending and service and eventually went in to management.

On a more technology side of life I became one of the top PC repair and custom PC builders in Texas.  I learned the aspects of loading, diagnosing and repairing computers and operating systems.  This ended up becoming a gateway drug that led to web design, SEO, graphics design, photography, videography, video production and so on.

I then moved on to learning leather work.  We designed and created leather accessories for the renaissance festivals throughout Texas.  This skillset was very beneficial due to the need for making various leather goods.

Fast forward to the present, I own a large and successful web design and SEO marketing agency.  I also own and operate the largest custom pen company in Houston and have my products showcased in one of the top ten jewelers in the United States.

So as you can see I have no shortage of skills under my belt to allow me to be more independent, which is my ultimate goal.

This site’s purpose is to serve as a blog allowing me to convey modern Viking life through my eyes.  I will touch on many different topics from life skills to technology and personal opinion’s based on my outlook and what I see. I hope you will come on this journey with me.

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