Covid-19: My Take And What You Should Be Concerned About

Let me start by saying I am NOT an expert on the virus nor am I giving any advice about how to deal with it if you get infected.  My approach is from a survivalist standpoint and I am simply using logic, common sense and due diligence to make my point in this article.  As for my survivalist point of view, I am not talking about the tin hat end-of-the-world scenario wackos that every time the wind blows a different direction, it’s a government cover-up!!!!

In the past two weeks we have seen many things in our communities.  Hoarding of supplies, lack of products in the stores, panic buying and so on.  This happens for a few reasons, mostly because people have their priorities bassackwards!  Every household, large or small, should….should have a supply of food and other products in their homes at all times.  You should have a couple months of food both perishable and non-perishable that you are regularly rotating and using and then replacing as a part of normal life.  This is simple common sense.  Those living in hurricane and disaster-related areas of the country know exactly what happens when a hurricane hits or a tornado wipes out a section of a town, people lose their shit and start buying up everything on the shelves.

I am under no preconceived idea that this article will change anybody, however if I can impress upon you the importance of not being caught with your pants down, you might have less stress when the next “big event” happens near you and maybe up your chances of surviving with the least amount of stress.

I had posted on Facebook last week about how if you don’t have food storage in your home you are stupid.  I stand by my statement.  However, as happens on Facebook, there are always those who will try to justify their stupidity with excuses as to why I am wrong, uncaring and they had no choice.  Sorry, if you believe that bullshit, you might need 500 rolls of toilet paper to clean up after yourselves.  The fact is we are all stupid at one point in our lives.  Instead of taking it personally, think about how to become not stupid instead of making up excuses about how shitty your life is because you made bad decisions.

My food supplies took me years to get to because at the time money was tight…however we always budgeted a little extra to get a case of canned goods or bulk dry products with a shelf life of 25 years or so.  If you try and do it all at once…AKA a panic scenario, then yes, it will cost a lot more than you might have on hand at the time.  So bottom line is PLAN, PREPARE, BUDGET, THINK, and ACT!  That is how you survive…and don’t buy shit you wouldn’t normally eat in your daily life.


Just the Facts...

As of the time of this article being written (3-17-2020) there are approximately 195, 935 confirmed cases of the virus WORLDWIDE….of that number, 80,840 have recovered and 7866 died.  The world is on the brink of shutdown.  Major cities all around the U.S. have mandated that all restaurants and bars shut down for 2-8 weeks.  People working in the service industry are ow out of work and wondering how to pay their bills.  Government is discussing a stimulus program to send each and every person between $1,000.00 – $4,500.00 in the next two weeks.

The media has done their part by striking panic into the population with their fear mongering stories of doom and gloom.  Why?  Because they know the sheep will eat it up and react.  It’s like a drug.  We love to hate bad news and the more you watch the more indoctrinated you get and the more you watch to get your fix.

The regular flu has infected 9 million – 45 million people gobally since 2010.  Of those there were 140,000 – 810,000 hospitalizations and 12,000 – 61,000 deaths. (source:

That is WAYYYY more than what this Coronavirus is doing, yet you’d think we were on the brink of a Zombie Apocalypse by the way people are reacting.  Do your due diligence, use common sense and see things for what they really are.

I am not saying ignore everything and go on as normal.  Each person has their own personal life to deal with and you know you better than anyone else.  If you are prone to getting sick easily, stay home, have a friend bring you some supplies to protect you and keep you fed.  Stay clean, keep your environment clean…simple wins here.  Don’t overthink and over complicate the situation and thereby putting yourself into a frenzy and panic like the rest of the idiots.

The Real Concerns of this So-Called "Pandemic"

The things that concern me about this “pandemic” is the over reaction and things that could come to pass as a result of what we are being fed and how much panic ensues.  Do not rule out the idea of, “if we don’t start thinking right and doing the responsible thing” we could end up worse off than if we came at this with a clear head and common sense.  There is a real possibility of martial law, state to state travel being suspended and the federalization of the highway system until this blows over.

We still have those in society that will continue to hoard and pillage the stores every time a new supply of whatever is made available.  THAT is what you should be concerned about.  Instead of buying what you actually need and going for the king of the toilet paper crown, you screw others out of a chance to get supplies they need because you feel like you need all of it because you were a dumbass and didn’t prepare ahead of time.

Let’s run a quick scenario…you know…for fun…U.S. population is about 327 million…say 100 million are children, so subtract that number…we are now at 227 million.  Now, say the government writes all adults in the U.S. a check for say $2500.00….multiply that by the 227 million.  That is $567,500,000,000.00.  $567 Billion dollars!!  Where is that money coming from?  It’s all a party to get a nice check in the mail until you get the bill.  So again i ask, where do you think that money is coming from?  Is the fed just gonna print it up and inject  half a trillion into the U.S. economy?  If so, what does that do to inflation?  Something to think about, and yes you should be concerned about it even if you think its just a free handout and boost to your life.  Someone has to pay for it at the end of the day…it’s not coming from the kindness of someone’s heart who is genuinely concerned for your well-being.

The other thing is the population…people are acting like nutbags.  Keep your head on a swivel and don’t get caught blindsided.  Don’t be a part of the insanity, but instead think about what is best for you and your family and avoid the idiots.

The Bottom Line

You should prepare and get your house in order NOW (actually it should have been months or years ago…but I digress).  Pick up supplies, in bulk if you can.  Store them in a place in your house that you don’t use often.  We kept a 6-month supply of various food in our 1200 sq. ft. condo, so no excuses.  If you don’t have a Sam’s or Costco card, one of your friends does…ask them if you can purchase some stuff.  Buy things you ACTUALLY USE DAILY.  Think outside the box.  If there is no bread, buy stuff to bake bread.  You can learn ANYTHING on Youtube.  Survival is not about comfort.  It’s about life, thinking right, using common sense and being smart.  Buy food items that you can make in larger qualities like chili, stew,m casseroles, soups etc.  You may not like eating the same thing for three days, but you will be alive.  You won’t be without and that takes off stress.

Limit your TV and watching the BS in the media.  They are designed to produce fear and panic because it sells.  Use your head.  Pay attention to things that may be changing in your various communities so that you are aware of your surroundings.

Figure out what you will do in a worst case scenario.  How will you make money if you can’t go back to work?  Do you have a marketable skill?  Do you have stuff you can sell online?  Tons of free stuff on Craigslist that you can turn around and sell.  Learn a hobby that you can sell products you make.  Be creative, think outside the box.

In the end, this will eventually pass.  The question is how much damage will it do to us by the time it is done?  How will it change day to day life?  Will it be a permanent change or temporary?  How will you and your family move forward.  

I truly hope that I was able to reach some of you and shed a little light on our worldwide situation.  Where there’s a will, there’s a way.  Stay safe!