Did You Viking Today?

did you viking today

I am seriously asking you to be honest with yourself and answer the question above.  Did you Viking today?  Did you do something…anything that made your life just a little bit better than the day before?  Did you get yourself closer to a goal you set for yourself?  If so, awesome!  Continue reading the article anyway.  If not, then why?  Why not?  What invitation are you waiting for?

In a previous article I wrote that the most successful people you will ever know or meet all have one common denominator in their lives.  Remember success leaves clues.  If you want to emulate those types of people, even if it is not up to the level of success they have, but a personal goal you set for yourself, you must take action!  Not a little action, MASSIVE ACTION.

They say the road to glory is littered with fuckups.  This is a very true statement.  The problem is most people set a goal, are all full of piss and vinegar at the beginning and then for whatever reason, if they don’t see immediate results or failure comes first….they just give up!!!

Life has failures.  Life is an unforgiving bitch.  However, if you learn to play the game and stay focused and don’t let the shit get you down, you can overcome those obstacles leaving the path to glory in your grasp.

If you are waiting for that special invitation to success, let me let you in on something:  you have a better chance of winning the lottery than that event ever happening.  Action action action is the ONLY way it will happen.  Have you heard of the “hustle muscle”?  I know it’s a phrase that is over used, but it makes the point.  You have to hustle every day no matter what that may be for you make sure that every action you takes brings you just a little but closer to your goal.  As a modern day Viking, giving up is NOT an option.

In my daily life my goals are probably different from yours.  As a business owner who is not tied to a 9-5 with a guaranteed paycheck every Friday, I have to hustle probably tens times what you might because that is the price for my freedom from NOT having to punch a clock for some other guy’s dream.  I am in a constant sales role of selling my products and services, maintaining my current client’s happiness and constantly looking for new ways to automate my business.  However, the difference is I absolutely love my job.  I like having 100% control over my life and if anything fucks up, it’s on me and me alone. When I first got into my business and was going through the training to learn the crap I didn’t know already, there was a mantra…”everything is your fault”.  Once you accept this into your life and realize that absolutely everything…goo or bad…is your fault based upon decisions, paths and actions you chose to take or not take, it lifts a massive burden off your chest and makes you responsible for everything.

Goals Goals Goals

I learned early on to set goals based upon what is important to me and my family.  I set up my first goal, or milestone, if you will, and went for it.  Once I accomplished that goal, I immediately set forth a new one and repeated the process until it was achieved. Having goals, no matter how big or small, gives you something to shoot for.  It gives you a light at the end of a tunnel.  The difficulty involved in reaching that goal will be based upon what yo have set for yourself to accomplish.  For me it was financial.  I set goals based upon what I wanted for monthly income.  For me having money meant freedom.  It meant choices in life. It meant time to do other things I wanted to do that didn’t involve work.  In my business I am quite literally creating money out of thin air.  I have a product and a service that others want and all I have to do is figure out how to get their money in my bank account while in turn providing a valuable service to them that will greatly benefit their company.
So my first goal was to match  themonthly salary of my former job.  I focused, took action and reached that goal within 2-3 months time.  Once i reached that goal, I upped the bar a bit and doubled that amount as the new goal.  Rinse and repeat and a couple months later I go there.  I had a few bumps in the road along the way that set me back a bit , because you know…life…but I stayed focused as much as I could and met that goal.
Currently My goal is to make 10X what my original monthly salary was and I am half way there as of the writing of this article.  Not to screw with you or delve into my personal business finances, but my ultimate goal it to match one of my mentors and that number for my monthly salary is set at $250K/month.  Yes, you read that right…$250,000.00 a month.  I think that will keep me comfortable and allow me to live lif on my own terms without every having to rely upon anyone else, minus my support staff and team members.
The problem and the reason most people fail is that they set the bar too low.  You have to think big.  You have to live outside your comfort zone and you have to be scared.  If your dreams don’t scare you, they are not big enough.
But but but, I can’t possibly do that!  BULLSHIT!  Wake up and smell the maple nut crunch!  Everyday you are surrounded by those who are doing it, have done it and continue to do it.  If they can do it so can you.  It’s all about motivation, action, setting goals and getting there.  Dont rob yourself of a great life by shooting yourself in the foot and thinking for a minute that you can’t.  Can’t is not in the Viking vocabulary, so if it’s in yours, delete it now and move forward.
If I can go from a shit job at a shit company that has ZERO loyalty to its employees and pays $16/hr to being self reliant, making my own way and drastically increasing my worth to $800/hr, so can YOU!  The problem is you have been conditioned to think like a middle class person.  By the way, to be middle class now you have to have at least a million dollars in the bank.  You’re not rich if you have a million dollars.  Yeah I know it sounds great  if you are sitting on a couch in an apartment and tonight’s menu consists of ramen noodles and milk for dinner.  A million dollars sounds pretty good, but you have to think long term.
In Houston where I live, driving around town everyday I see on almost every street corner (because our mayor is a libtard hack) panhandlers on every corner with a cardboard sign begging for money because thy gave up on life.  It’s that one vision that is in my face daily that scares the shit out of me enough to do what I do relentlessly EVERY FUCKING DAY OF MY LIFE.  I will not ever accept that lifestyle of giving up and being the beggar.  Fuck that shit!
Bottom line to this article is this, set your goals and do whatever it takes to reach them, then set new goals..double the previous or 10X the goals and watch what starts to happen and change in your life, your outlook, and the way you think.  You don’t have to be stuck in a shit life, but in the end, it’s all up to you.